Episode 14: Labor- The 3rd Value of Legacy and Liberty


Hard work is essential to the development of individual character. They say nothing worth doing is easy? Well…it’s kinda true. Our society is very lazy, and always seeks shortcuts, this sort of streamlining has led to a generation of youth who are incapable of staying the course where the rubber hits the road.

In the second segment I talk M. Scott Peck’s book “People of the Lie” and a bit about the concept of evil as a mental illness, I also talk a bit about the Prohibition documentary I recently finished, and top it all off with thoughts on government vs. individual responsibilities.

Episode 13: Art- The 2nd of Liberty and Legacy

Give Art Give HopeWisdom, Art Labor and Love. These are 4 Values that I believe individuals are lacking today, which corresponds to our societal stagnation, even decline. In this episode I talk a bit about why art is important, fan-boy a bit over Pentatonix, talk a little about work ethic, all while fighting a cold and drinking copious amounts of Monster Energy. Enjoy!


P.s. Here’s a cool story. One day, I was sitting around thinking about how to use my photography skills to help other people. I came up with Give Art Give Hope. Basically, we print T-Shirts, and give half the profit to the International Justice Mission. Check out both initiatives on the Activism page here! Art rules!!

Episode 12: Statists, Militia and the Power of the People

2aBryce is back and co-hosting round two, as we discuss Obama’s gun control moves, growing executive power and a lazy legislative branch, the situation in Burns and the purpose of the Second Amendment.

This episode brought to you by Stone Arch Vanilla Stout, WBC PsycHops IPA, and lots of nu-metal.