Episode 26: What Makes A Good Society?


In this fun-filled episode of The Resistance Podcast, Bryce and I touch on the values of a good society taking the listeners back to the days of the Athenian Democracy and Roman Republic. Things are moving right along when our regularly scheduled broadcast is interrupted by a dope freestyle session you won’t want to miss!

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Episode 25: Identity Politics Suck


Tonight Bryce and I talk a bit about class reunions, period/birth simulators and the vindictive nature of women who strap men into said machines, Donald Trump’s recent (racist?) comments, and the state of polarization among the people of America and how it can be remedied.


Episode 24: You Have The Right…?


This week B-Dille and I talk about Hillary’s unfolding e-mail scandal, milennial losers who are suing themselves, how the anti-Trumper’s are helping speed up the Trump Train, and a recent Supreme Court case which was decided in Wisconsin.