Episode 41: The Resistance Goes Metal!

Frontman Shawn Kraemer joins Josh for a discussion about his introduction to music, the history of “Fondycore”, the husband, father, musician dynamic and the healing power of music in a divided world.

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Bumper songs: Angel Under the Sun & Betrayal



Episode 40: Bryce & Josh Fight!!

Bryce and Josh are at each other’s throats in this episode which, for us, means we cordially hint at disagreement. Topics of discussion include: Michigan police officer being a dick to a civilian, political correctness (delusion, or terrifying reality?), and Scott Walker’s big government approach to the manufactured “Opioid Epidemic” in Wisconsin.



My article written for The Tim Preuss Podcast which links to Scott Walker’s 3 executive orders: http://www.preusspodcast.com/opinion/good-luck-guvna/

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Episode 39: The Sultan Returns

Bryce is back and chomping at the bit to discuss his fancy-schmancy final paper on religious liberty. We also talk about the Chicago kidnapping, and Right-leaning media’s response to it.

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Bryce’s essay on Religious Freedom in Saudi Arabia and the United States is available here.