Content Creators

There are some fantastic content creators out there on the web, but where to begin? Have no fear! Below are some channels that are gold-star certified by The Resistance Podcast…

YouTube Personalities:

Sargon of Akkad is a great source of topical commentary on cultural issues. I first stumbled upon his content in the wake of #GamerGate and amid a flurry of anti-SJW response videos. Sargon is part of the “Skeptic Community” online and has an awesome accent to boot. Great content all around!

Peach Balie is an Australian YouTuber who delivers social commentary about a myriad of topics. The best parts of Peach’s commentary is the flawless blend of natural humor and intellect. It becomes very apparent after watching the channel for even a short time, that Peach is well researched, and even the “takedown videos” she does offer substantive rebuttals for the opposition to mull over in their spare time.

I personally support this channel through her Patreon account, and I would recommend pledging to anyone who wants to support great content!

The Academy of Ideas is a fantastic new gem which I’ve stumbled upon recently. Much of the content on this channel deals with psychological concepts, but there is also socio-political content as well. I love both. The best part of this channel is that, along with superb videos, there are pages with the transcripts on The Academy of Ideas website, which allows me to easily find quotes I’ve liked in the videos, and paste them in my social sharing boxes! Fantastic.

Chris Ray Gun is just fucking funny. Seriously. His was another anti-SJW channel that I discovered shortly after #GamerGate. Chris was featured on The Rubin Report, and is known for his signature chair roll into frame. I’ve rarely, if ever, disliked or been bored with Chris’ videos.


The Pholosopher Is a mix of YouTube/Facebook personality. She extols AnCap philosophy, mixing principles with humor, and showing off some super cool firearms in the process. The Pholosopher was featured on our YouTube channel, and we had a great time talking about freedom and libertarianism! Check out the Pholosopher on Facebook as well, and tell her we sent you her way!