Creating A Better Conversation (Feat. Larry Sharpe)

Larry Sharpe is a rising superstar in libertarian circles. Known widely for his ability to articulate libertarian principles without an air of elitism, Larry is creating a better conversation about freedom daily!

Larry Sharpe is the Managing Director of the Neo-Sage® Group, Inc.

He provides training, coaching and consulting in many industries including: finance, law, technology, media, retail, real estate, luxury, government and healthcare. He has trained and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, lawyers and reps from dozens of companies all over the world.

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Instagram: @larry.sharpe

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Episode 37: A Conversation With A Craftsman

The Resistance Podcast went on the road for an exclusive interview with Thom Strizek (of the Strizek Workshop). In the ensuing two hours we talked craftsmanship and culture, parenting, community and a bit about the current political climate’s effect on it.

If you’d like to see some of Thom’s work, or engage in the Strizek Gaming League’s activities, feel free to check out the links here and below:

Strizek Workshop:

Strizek Gaming League:

Episode 25: Identity Politics Suck


Tonight Bryce and I talk a bit about class reunions, period/birth simulators and the vindictive nature of women who strap men into said machines, Donald Trump’s recent (racist?) comments, and the state of polarization among the people of America and how it can be remedied.