Common Sense Culture (Feat. Dan Carlin)


Dan Carlin is an American political commentator and podcaster. Once a professional radio host, Carlin eventually took his show to the Internet, and he now hosts two popular independent podcasts: Common Sense and Hardcore History.

Dan is one or our personal heroes here at The Resistance Podcast, and it was nothing short of a pleasure to have a conversation with him, despite the technological bugs we had to work through to get to the actual talk!

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Episode 30: You Have A Choice


Tonight on the Resistance Podcast, Bryce and I take a look at presidential hopefuls Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), and their differing philosophies. At the Resistance we fully believe that non-participation is acquiescence to the status-quo, and that if you want to be free, the status-quo is precisely what must be challenged.

We find ourselves, this election cycle, at a momentous crossroads; as Americans will set the precedent for the future political landscape. With two candidates who showcase record low popularity the stage is set for third party viability. Do we have the courage to break the two party duopoly? Do we truly wish to choose our candidates or to have them chosen for us?

That’s up to you…


Episode 29: Reform Through Fracture


With the official nomination of Donald Trump Josh renounces his affiliation to the Republican Party and talks with Bryce about why voting third party isn’t a waste of a vote but, rather, is a necessary and effective method of protest to reform the American Political Machine.


Episode 28: Reasonable Minds Matter


Bryce and I tackle the number one issue dividing America today…Pokemon Go.

We reveal our factions to you, dear listeners. We also treat you to Josh’s inaugural “Epic Parenting Fails 2016” story, and dig into the rash of police violence in the States in an attempt to identify what the issue within the issue is…

Much thanks to Dave Bowman, Dan Carlin, the Academy, Door County Brewing Company, and Bryce’s sick note taking abilities for making this episode possible.

Episode 27: When Giving Goes Bad


Bryce and I talk a bit about the potential for charitable giving to be harmful to those receiving it, the modern-American attitude toward charitable giving, and in the second half we talk about the “Terrorist Watch List” and why the Bill of Rights matters not just for yourself, but your neighbor as well.


Episode 26: What Makes A Good Society?


In this fun-filled episode of The Resistance Podcast, Bryce and I touch on the values of a good society taking the listeners back to the days of the Athenian Democracy and Roman Republic. Things are moving right along when our regularly scheduled broadcast is interrupted by a dope freestyle session you won’t want to miss!

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Episode 25: Identity Politics Suck


Tonight Bryce and I talk a bit about class reunions, period/birth simulators and the vindictive nature of women who strap men into said machines, Donald Trump’s recent (racist?) comments, and the state of polarization among the people of America and how it can be remedied.


Episode 12: Statists, Militia and the Power of the People

2aBryce is back and co-hosting round two, as we discuss Obama’s gun control moves, growing executive power and a lazy legislative branch, the situation in Burns and the purpose of the Second Amendment.

This episode brought to you by Stone Arch Vanilla Stout, WBC PsycHops IPA, and lots of nu-metal.