Becoming Toxic (Feat. Toxic Femininity)

“》Pro Equality.Anti-BS《 Weeaboo trash. Hufflepuff. Mother of sloths. Fox Fag. Dinker. ~Noodz at 69 Million!”

Eva is a student, a Twitter aficionado and aspiring YouTuber.

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The Way I See It #2: What ARE Rights?

Featuring two of Wisconsin’s prominent podcast personalities, Tim Preuss (The Tim Preuss Podcast) and Josh Carter (The Resistance Podcast) discuss the premise of rights in both history, and the present era, the Women’s March and the March for Life.
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Episode 23: Dress Codes Aren’t Sexist, Check Yo’ Privilege!


Bryce, our unpaid and criminally underrated co-host, joined me yesterday and indulged my need to rant about a whiny high school student complaining about a “sexist” dress code. We also talk about the power of big thinking, why I hate SnapChat, and Bryce’s number one life goal.

Great show!