Creating A Better Conversation (Feat. Larry Sharpe)

Larry Sharpe is a rising superstar in libertarian circles. Known widely for his ability to articulate libertarian principles without an air of elitism, Larry is creating a better conversation about freedom daily!

Larry Sharpe is the Managing Director of the Neo-Sage® Group, Inc.

He provides training, coaching and consulting in many industries including: finance, law, technology, media, retail, real estate, luxury, government and healthcare. He has trained and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, lawyers and reps from dozens of companies all over the world.

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The Way I See It #5 (Feat. The Tim Preuss Podcast)

Featuring two of Wisconsin’s prominent podcast personalities, Tim Preuss (The Tim Preuss Podcast) and Josh Carter (The Resistance Podcast) discuss recent Syrian action, the war between mainstream and alt-media, and identity politics!

Stefanie MacWilliams’ article that I referenced in the show:

I Strive To Be Principled. But I Will Not Be Suicidal.

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Live Stream: Adam Kokesh- Talks Freedom!

Adam Kokesh joins me to talk about his recent book “Freedom!”, activism, and more!

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Episode 36: Anyone For Anarchy?


Tim Pruess, author, economist and founder of The Tim Preuss Podcast took a road trip up to Ripon to talk Anarchism, government, PC culture, trolling Republicans and much, much more! Tune in for this special interview!

Episode 35: The Resistance Reunion

trappedinsocBryce joins me once again, along with our new producer Alex (who did a great job supervising). In this Thanksgiving episode we recap the election of President Trump, talk about how our generation is insulating themselves from different opinions, political burnout, and the recent ruling against Wisconsin Republicans’ redistricting.

It was a good night!

Thanks again to Midwest Death Rattle for the bumper material! Feel free to check them out on Facebook, or purchase their music on iTunes here.

On Tap:

Fox River Brewing Co. – Vanilla Cream Ale

Karben4 Brewing- Block Party Amber Ale

Episode 32: Echo Chambers and the Pretentious Douche Quotient


Bryce and I begin by talking a bit about the polls regarding the presidential race, all the while trying to avoid pretentious douchery…then I give him all the critiques I have of one of his term papers, and we finish out strong talking about how echo chambers stifle the ability to gain perspective.

Pretentious Douche Quotient Level: Moderate

Listen at your own risk.

Episode 31: We Found the Silver Bullet!!



Just kidding…we didn’t.

But we do take a closer look at what is meant by “systemic racism” and explore possibilities of problems in the black community outside of the conventional media narrative. Bryce and I also venture into what “gerrymandering” is, how it affects you and me politically, and lament the corporate takeover of politics and how to balance that corruption while preserving the Bill of Rights.

If anything, our hope is to begin conversations among friends and family…that’s the hope.

Episode 30: You Have A Choice


Tonight on the Resistance Podcast, Bryce and I take a look at presidential hopefuls Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), and their differing philosophies. At the Resistance we fully believe that non-participation is acquiescence to the status-quo, and that if you want to be free, the status-quo is precisely what must be challenged.

We find ourselves, this election cycle, at a momentous crossroads; as Americans will set the precedent for the future political landscape. With two candidates who showcase record low popularity the stage is set for third party viability. Do we have the courage to break the two party duopoly? Do we truly wish to choose our candidates or to have them chosen for us?

That’s up to you…


Episode 29: Reform Through Fracture


With the official nomination of Donald Trump Josh renounces his affiliation to the Republican Party and talks with Bryce about why voting third party isn’t a waste of a vote but, rather, is a necessary and effective method of protest to reform the American Political Machine.