The Death of God? (Feat. Bipartisan Bros)

The Bipartisan Bros rejoin Bryce and Josh as they talk about an article Josh wrote on humanity’s next great evolution… a world without religion.

Article which sparked tonight’s conversation:

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Sh*t Stirrers Anonymous (Feat. Brittney Buelow)

My left-leaning sister in law joins my wife Kia and me for a chat about a plethora of topics and to reminisce a bit…

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Episode 38: Roaming Millennial and The Resistance

Had a wonderful hangout with the up and coming YouTuber Roaming Millennial. This episode we talk politics, gaming, feminism, religion, and much much more!

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Episode 27: When Giving Goes Bad


Bryce and I talk a bit about the potential for charitable giving to be harmful to those receiving it, the modern-American attitude toward charitable giving, and in the second half we talk about the “Terrorist Watch List” and why the Bill of Rights matters not just for yourself, but your neighbor as well.


Episode 21: Why I Don’t Like Church…


Never have. Probably never will. American Corporate Church doesn’t breed passionate revolutionaries, rather it produces almost laughable characters who can’t be taken seriously.

Episode 20: Bryce Endorses Donald Trump!

free speechActually, he didn’t…but it was a great night of conversation with the Sultan of Scotch and the host of Wisconsin’s #1 Libertarian Podcast, Tim Preuss. Tonight we chatted over brewskis about Wisconsin’s Primary election, flag desecration and the limits of Free Speech, Income Inequality and much much more…

Episode 16: Real Relationships, God and the Gays

Kia and I talk a bit about societal attitudes about sex and relationships in the first half, then I vent a bit about the book “God and the Gay Christian”, the LGBT political lobby, and “socialist” hipsters who don’t get the concept of why law exists. Yeah, it was a good night.