Preuss Podcast Feature (Part I)

At the end of October, Josh took a road trip down to his hometown to record with his good friend Tim (Host of The Tim Preuss Podcast).

The result was a two part recording in which Tim and Josh talked about conservatives crying for social media networks to be made into “public utilities” in the interest of fairness, the implications of “supporting the troops” and why this is a taboo topic on the right, social media and it’s detriments to authentic communication, and more!

Here’s part one of the two part feature on The Tim Preuss Podcast, enjoy!

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LIVE STREAM: The Future of Social Media?

Bill Ottman, CEO of, joined me for a live stream! We talk about itself, the necessity for accountability of social networking platforms to their users, internet privacy and much much more!

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Episode 10: A Culture of Crises


Left-wingers were so quick to construct a narrative about the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs, they forgot to wait till the police established a motive. In this episode I take to task the social media “warriors” of this generation, talk about the benefits of challenging your personal viewpoints, and generally discuss abortion, and political narratives.