Standing On The Edge Of Oblivion

Bryce is back after completing his undergrad! After catching up a bit, the guys talk about a few current events, including the London Bridge terror attack…

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Live Stream: Some Black Guy- YouTube, Racism, and Creating Success

“I’m just some black guy that brings critical thinking and comedy to the table.
Pro free speech and Logic.
Anti Censorship and BS.
Social Commentator…”

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Episode 37: A Conversation With A Craftsman

The Resistance Podcast went on the road for an exclusive interview with Thom Strizek (of the Strizek Workshop). In the ensuing two hours we talked craftsmanship and culture, parenting, community and a bit about the current political climate’s effect on it.

If you’d like to see some of Thom’s work, or engage in the Strizek Gaming League’s activities, feel free to check out the links here and below:

Strizek Workshop:

Strizek Gaming League:

Episode 28: Reasonable Minds Matter


Bryce and I tackle the number one issue dividing America today…Pokemon Go.

We reveal our factions to you, dear listeners. We also treat you to Josh’s inaugural “Epic Parenting Fails 2016” story, and dig into the rash of police violence in the States in an attempt to identify what the issue within the issue is…

Much thanks to Dave Bowman, Dan Carlin, the Academy, Door County Brewing Company, and Bryce’s sick note taking abilities for making this episode possible.

Episode 27: When Giving Goes Bad


Bryce and I talk a bit about the potential for charitable giving to be harmful to those receiving it, the modern-American attitude toward charitable giving, and in the second half we talk about the “Terrorist Watch List” and why the Bill of Rights matters not just for yourself, but your neighbor as well.


Episode 26: What Makes A Good Society?


In this fun-filled episode of The Resistance Podcast, Bryce and I touch on the values of a good society taking the listeners back to the days of the Athenian Democracy and Roman Republic. Things are moving right along when our regularly scheduled broadcast is interrupted by a dope freestyle session you won’t want to miss!

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Episode 25: Identity Politics Suck


Tonight Bryce and I talk a bit about class reunions, period/birth simulators and the vindictive nature of women who strap men into said machines, Donald Trump’s recent (racist?) comments, and the state of polarization among the people of America and how it can be remedied.


Episode 13: Art- The 2nd of Liberty and Legacy

Give Art Give HopeWisdom, Art Labor and Love. These are 4 Values that I believe individuals are lacking today, which corresponds to our societal stagnation, even decline. In this episode I talk a bit about why art is important, fan-boy a bit over Pentatonix, talk a little about work ethic, all while fighting a cold and drinking copious amounts of Monster Energy. Enjoy!


P.s. Here’s a cool story. One day, I was sitting around thinking about how to use my photography skills to help other people. I came up with Give Art Give Hope. Basically, we print T-Shirts, and give half the profit to the International Justice Mission. Check out both initiatives on the Activism page here! Art rules!!